Dr. Kelly Baltuska’s Chiropractic Treatment Table

This is my favorite piece of equipment. (Besides my hands)

ChiropracticTable                   Here is my Leander Motorized Flexion-Distraction and Motion Adjusting Chiropractic Table. It was built in Lawrence, Kansas. This table allows me to adjust the patient while their spine is in a continuous, automated, passive flexion motion. This provides a smooth, predictable and repetitious motion, both in distance and frequency. It allows the patient’s spinal tissue to relax and stretch, providing me the opportunity to apply a very comfortable corrective force to encourage natural healing and optimal expression of the patient’s Central Nervous System.

As the patient’s spine oscillates, I apply specific contacts throughout the spine, pelvis, hips, ribs and head creating a negative pressure in the Inter-vertebral disc between two consecutive spinal vertebrae. This causes fluids to be imbibed, re-hydrating the discs while also stretching out all of the soft tissues that surround the spine and ribs.

I am very proud of this piece of equipment, and I have seen numerous patients slowly lie down because of excruciating pain and rise after their adjustment with a huge sigh of relief and enormous smile on their face. Consider this your invitation to discover Chiropractic, and experience the wonderful relief that accompanies a spine that is free from restriction.

In good health,

Kelly Baltuska, DC