Kefir Demonstration: Monday, November 18th at 7:30pm

The last Kefir Workshop was a success! Jennifer and I had so much fun sharing some of our favorite probiotic snacks and discussing the wonderful benefits of a balanced Gastro-Intestinal system. I am very pleased to have received such great feedback from past guests about the many ways that this superfood is helping multiple body systems.

The health of my family and friends has improved so much since we have began consuming this natural, affordable and delicious probiotic that I cannot help but to share it with everyone. Please join me on Monday, November 18th at 7:30pm for a free demonstration of how to prepare Kefir: fermented milk. This event will be held at Providence Activity Center: 10113 Lenexa Dr. Lenexa, KS 66215

BONUS ROUND! Join us earlier with Chad Austin Fitness at 6:30 for a free boot camp style workout just before the Kefir demonstration. Exercise, healthy food, and chiropractic; What a powerful combination for optimal health and wellness!

My lovely wife Jennifer will be serving free samples of some of our family’s favorite Kefir recipes that may include: Kefir Popsicles, pancakes, smoothies, banana bread, and avocado dip. Delicious!

I will provide a “how to” packet of information to take with you and even share some Kefir grains with those eager enough to get started right away. Here is a link to the information packet if you are interested but will not be able to attend the event:

Please RSVP by either joining the event on facebook, emailing me at, or call the office: 913-492-9290. Invite your friends and family!. I look forward to seeing you there and sharing this wonderful, functional super food with you!

You can read more about the power of a healthy gut in my newsletter at this link:

I hope to see you all there,
Kelly Baltuska, DC
Office: 913-492-9290

Happy National Chiropractic Health Month

Get Vertical!

Highlighting a theme of “Get Vertical,” the American chiropractic association (ACA) will encourage everyone to lead a healthy life by promoting joint health through physical activity. ACA wants people to get off their couches and office chairs, stand up and move! In other words, Get Vertical!
ACA is emphasizing joint health because joints are critical to all movement and allow us to carry out normal activities of daily living. Some 150 million to 200 million cases of back pain send people to the doctor every year—and many of those are related to joint injuries. The bones that make up the joint allow movement, but it is the muscles that pull the bones that produce the movement.
The movements that you perform on a daily basis are critical to long-term joint health, as are proper nutrition, a healthy exercise regimen, and a healthy lifestyle. Moving a joint through its full range of motion serves several important purposes. Joints are not supplied directly with blood as are other organs within the body, but instead are nourished with synovial fluid that is forced into the joint cartilage through pressure resulting from body movement. So the saying, “Use it or lose it” applies to joint function. There is no better time to get adjusted than this month!

Kelly Baltuska, DC

Guest Speaker on VoiceAmerica Internet Radio Show on October 21st, 2013

Austin-showI am very honored and excited to have been a guest on the VoiceAmerica Internet Radio show “Be Fit… For Life” on the Health & Wellness channel. Fitness professional, Insanity instructor, and Personal Trainer, Chad Austin and I discussed how the healing power of Chiropractic can help you “be fit for life”. Tune in and tell your friends! I was on the show Monday, October 21st at noon and you can listen to the recorded audio anytime at this link to the show:


Other guests on Chad’s segments include:

Diane Altomare: Speaker, author and coach
Todd Markley: Creator and owner of Success Meals KC
Kyle Maynard: Author, speaker and athlete
Dave Ward: BeachBody Coach and creator of the Fit Club Network


Emotional Freedom Technique

Thank you all for a successful first patient appreciation day! I hope you enjoyed the goody bags and can truly appreciate how each item represents a strong and equally important part of your overall healthcare. We are living in a time where 80% of our healthcare challenges are due to lifestyle choices. I have said it before and I will say it again and again; your health and well-being does not fall in the hands of any doctor, hospital, nurse, pill, or single treatment. Ultimately, your individual healthcare is your responsibility.

We can all always work to improve our habits and practice of:

  • healthy dietary habits and supplementation
  • a well balanced exercise routine with cardiovascular, strength training and stretching
  • a full night’s sleep
  • prayer and/or meditation
  • Chiropractic adjustments

If you reflect on where you are at in each of these areas, you may find that you do an outstanding job in one area or another and fall short in others. Choose a way to improve one of the poorer areas of your own healthcare and your body will thank you. If you are unsure about how to work on any specific area, call or email me with any questions or concerns.

I have uploaded the easy-to-follow Emotional Freedom Technique Guide to my website at this link: Emotional Freedom Technique. This is a quick, free and simple way to work on the area of prayer/meditation side of your healthcare. It utilizes points on your body that correlate with acupuncture meridians that you simply tap with your fingertips as you focus on deep breathing and a power phrase and/or prayer. It is being taught and used around the world by many different health professionals to treat many nasty and uncomfortable problems including: Stress, anxiety, obsession-compulsion, depression, poor self image, post traumatic stress, sleeping problems, aches and pains and many others. You can get started immediately and use it whenever and wherever with great results. This, like Chiropractic, is a nice conservative, cost effective and natural start to treating an issue before moving on to more invasive treatments such as medication or surgery.

Take care of the temple,
Kelly Baltuska, DC