I was moving heavy boxes around at home and twisted my back not long ago. The pain was excruciating and I couldn’t stand up straight. I was referred to Dr. Baltuska and scheduled an appointment. Dr. Baltuska was very thorough. He adjusted my back several times and suggested exercises. In no time, I was back to normal. I’m very impressed with Dr. Baltuska. He cares about the mind and body. He strongly suggests healthy eating but doesn’t push supplements like other chiropractors I’ve been to. Nor did he pressure me to have numerous adjustments. Dr. Baltuska is a very honest, trustworthy doctor and I highly recommend his services.


Dr Kelly is extremely professional and kind. He listens to me and has been extremely helpful. I was able to wean off medication and have started exercising again. I’ve been doing acupuncture along with the adjustments. I have fewer to zero headaches now. He has also really helped my son who has autism. He has really listened to him and helped him so much. His shoulder pain and headaches are gone. This was after he had already tried physical therapy and NSAIDS. I highly recommend him especially if you have tried other chiropractors. He’s very professional and never pushy.

Sandy Nurse Practitioner

I can’t recommend Dr. Baltuska enough! I have been to various chiropractors in the past but none compares to Dr. B! I leave feeling a thousand times better than when I arrived because he takes the time to work on my entire body from head to toe – literally! Each visit, he spends the beginning of the visit determining how I feel and anything else that will help him know exactly where to pay close attention to. Each visit, he works on my head, neck, shoulders, back, hips, legs, feet and much more. His treatment includes stretching the back, neck, ribs, etc out while he uses a drop table, the Activator, manual manipulation and other techniques to target every part of my body. He is willing to be as gentle as necessary or requested based on your need on that particular visit!

He is great at asking questions but also wonderful at answering all of mine! One of the biggest things that stands out – is his willingness to be flexible based on my need; making appts early/late in the day or on occasion the weekend. His office not only provides the adjustments but a traction bed, electric stimulation/TENS, acupuncture, nutritional resources and so much more! I can’t imagine going to anyone else because I feel so much better when leaving and I feel like I really did get my money’s worth!


Recently I found myself in an emergency room with severe chest pain. I couldn’t take more than half a breath before my ribs felt like they were breaking. The doctors took x-rays and blood work but couldn’t figure out why was in such pain. They ended up just prescribing me pain killers and sent me on my way. A few days later I mentioned, almost in passing, over the phone to Dr. Baltuska what I was going through and he immediately knew what was wrong. He said that my rib wasn’t fully seated in my back where it connects to my spine and that’s where the pain was coming from. He gave me some simple exercises to do with a foam roller with the intent that I could just pop it back into place. Well, after a couple of try’s, it worked! I heard a couple of cracks and pops and my pain was gone. I was astonished. The fact that a hospital staff and a medical doctor with all of that equipment and technology couldn’t figure out what was wrong and a chiropractor could (over the phone, no less) forever changed how I look at not only the health care industry but Chiropractors as well. Thank you, Dr. Baltuska.


After one visit my sciatic nerve pain was gone! Dr. Baltuska is great. He made me realize- you don’t have to live with pain!


Dr. Baltuska is the best chiropractor I have ever been to. His technique has provided pain relief for my back that no one else could do over the past 10 years. I’ve been to several other very good chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists and a renown acupuncturist. I also tried Thai Yoga Therapy. With continued treatments, he is also bringing pain relief to my knees which have been bothering me for 18 months.


Dr. B is awesome. His prices are very affordable and he offers way more than just adjustments. I needed in to a Chiropractor immediately and he had next day appointments. His office is very inviting, like your really clean friend’s living room. He really listens to what you need worked on. His adjustments worked amazingly for my sinuses and he has gotten me back to where I should be and feeling better than ever. If you want a doctor you can count on for total body health who offers tons of holistic health options choose Dr. B.


Dr. Kelly works wonders! He relieved the pain in my right wrist during my first visit. I had received a cortisone shot in my wrist over ten years ago to deal with the pain, but it never entirely relieved it. Thanks to Dr. Kelly, I am no longer suffering this daily pain and have increased use of my hand. He has also relieved lower back, shoulder and neck pain that I have been dealing with for years. I enthusiastically recommend him.


Woke up this morning my back hurts my neck hurts my legs hurt my everything hurts… One quick trip to Dr. Kelly at Baltuska chiropractic and I feel 100% Today ready to kill it with Jujitsu muy Thai then a 4 mile run!

Best in the business. Getting ready for a fight you have to take care of your body and the best way to do that is to see Dr. B. I personally see him twice a week and would advise my fellow athletes to do the same.

Dr. B is taking Good Care of me after a rough practice with some killer fighters. If you need some help feeling good after a tough practice like I do Baltuska Chiropractic is for sure the way to go!

As a professional athlete taking care of my body is priority number 1, that’s why I see this gentlemen twice a week. Headaches, body aches, pains, soreness – he helps with all of them thank you!

GrantMMA Fighter

I have been getting adjusted by Dr. Kelly for a few years now and I just love that euphoric feeling I get after being adjusted! I am a hair stylist and I am very passionate about my career, but I stand on my feet all day and put a lot of stress on my body doing hair. Dr. Kelly is reversing the physical wear and tear I place on my body so I can continue to pursue my passion for many years to come free of physical pain and live a long healthy life! Dr. Kelly even goes above and beyond and shows me exercises I can do at home to prevent injuries and strain on my body. Thank you Dr. Kelly!


First I went to the Medical Clinic and the doc wouldn’t listen and just gave me pills and told me to stretch my back and go back to work. I’m not a pill guy. I felt that I was looked over. So I finally had enough and was referred to Dr. Kelly Baltuska and on my first visit he listened to me and he helped me and he didn’t give me pills and he is absolutely amazing! He did a great job and even with my first visit I feel ten times better able to do what I love. I just want to give him a huge shout-out and say thank you so much Dr. Kelly Baltuska. So guys if you have any issues and in need of a chiropractor he is the man to see, he is really good at his job and knows what he’s doing. So hit him up, I recommend it – you’ll feel ten times better after you leave.

JohnnieMMA Fighter

I have had vertigo for years until I heard about a treatment called “Epley’s Maneuver”. I went to Dr. B for my first visit and I SWEAR, I have not had one incident since then. Vertigo was a daily part of my life and now it’s gone, what a gift! THANKS KELLY!!


Dr. Baltuska is my amazing chiropractor!! He helped sooooo much throughout my pregnancy with Bronx and is still helping Ben while he works his manual labor job lifting heavy objects and continues to help me out now that I am post baby working through getting back to normal. Such an amazing person and so flexible with schedules!


Dr. Kelly made my first adjustment very informative and explained everything in detail as we went along. Honestly, woke up this morning feeling better than I have in a long time!

If you don’t have a Chiropractor, Dr. Kelly is amazing, I’ve only had 2 adjustments ever and I feel so much better than I did at the beginning of this month, no BS. He’s awesome!


Kelly, I want to personally thank you for introducing me to kefir. It has changed the way I view probiotics. Since consuming kefir I have been allergy free, which is awesome! Thank you.

Dr. CookChiropractor

Professional, friendly, warm and calming atmosphere. At Baltuska Chiropractic, you know he cares about you as a person and not just a patient.


I always look forward to my weekly visit with Dr Baltuska! I appreciate the fact that he takes the time to care about his patients’ needs. I recommend him to all my friends and family!


Dr. Kelly provides more time and actual Chiropractic work than previous Chiropractors I’ve been to in the past. He listens and asks questions. He also works with Chad Austin Fitness hosting healthy activities, workout groups, yoga etc.


Not only is Dr Baltuska a great Chiropractor with a warm and gentle manner, he is also a practitioner and follower of a natural and holistic lifestyle. He believes in making his knowledge and discoveries available to all and frequently hosts clinics on how to incorporate this into your own life.


Dr. Baltuska is so knowledgeable about his work and does an amazing job. He explains the adjustments he makes throughout the session and is so passionate about his work. I love that he is so health-centered in his beliefs and focuses on a healthy lifestyle. I would highly recommend him!


Dr. Kelly is always a friendly and comforting Chiropractor. I have been to several others and I feel most comfortable with Dr. Kelly. He has great bedside manner and not only makes me comfortable during the appointment but helps me help myself outside of the clinic. Definitely a MUST!


Dr. Baltuska is the best Chiropractor I’ve ever been to!


He’s a fantastic Chiropractor and really cares about his patients. Also a really nice guy so that’s a plus.


I have been having a lot of brain fog lately. After your adjustment, I felt like a hood had been lifted from covering my brain! I feel like a million bucks!


Dr. Kelly did a great job with the kiddos for their back to school assessments. His focus on health and care is exceptional. A different take than the industry standard I’ve seen in the past. Can’t wait to get adjusted myself!


My shoulder has not felt this good in a VERY long time! Thank you so much!


Dr. Baltuska goes above and beyond just the typical adjustments. I have never felt more comfortable and taken care of than at his practice. He is a true advocate for healthy living and I have learned so much from knowing him. From exercise to diet, he is a wealth of impressive knowledge. I would recommend him to EVERYONE!


Dr. Kelly is very good at his craft and works very carefully with each of his patients to ensure the best results. I have experience with several DC’s over many years so i have a good reference point to judge his adjustments. You will not be disappointed.


Never had an adjustment before and Dr Baltuska was amazing! He really helped get rid of with my back pain from scoliosis. When I asked, he came up with a great plan to help me quit tobacco use. Just a wonderful place!


Dr. Kelly has helped fixed my back after a car wreck and after a few adjustments I began to feel like normal again. He also takes time to figure out exactly what the problem is and is always helpful. I recommend him to all of my friends and family!


No tubes! I finally took my son back to the doctor that recommended tubes in his ears for chronic ear infections. The doctor checked him out and said “So, he got tubes right? ” I said nope, it went away with Chiropractic care and probiotics. The pediatrician said “That’s strange. Very weird.” Thank you for the Chiropractic treatments and recommending probiotics. Thank you for helping us avoid surgery!!!


Kelly, Thank you very much for the Chiropractic Adjustments. It was the best I’ve ever had and the numbness is gone!


I wanted to thank you for the great Kefir class. It was very nice to know that there are doctors who see nutrition as a major role in our health. Thank you very much for the valuable information, not to mention the even more valuable Kefir grains.


I’ve been to multiple chiropractic offices, and this one is by far the most genuine and thorough.


The difference from when I walked into your office and when I left your office is honestly incredible! Thanks again doc!


I have to thank you for being part of my inspiration to get healthy. I have decided to take control of my life and make it a healthy, happy one. Thank you Kelly.


A great community member and Chiropractor that takes the time to support you above and beyond the basics. A provider that listens, remembers, and delivers adjustments with a kind heart. He addresses the body with a holistic and natural focus. Check him out!


Can I just brag for a second on Kelly? My 1-month-old son, Crosby, has never been awake and content for very long unless being held and even that didn’t last 45 min. He has been in his swing, no paci, no fuss, completely awake…100% CONTENT for the last 45 min!!! Thank you Dr. Kelly Baltuska!


Great local chiropractor! Always willing to sit and really work on any issues, and plenty of extra health advice for a solid lifestyle!


One of the best! I messed up my hand a while back and Dr. B took 3-seconds, and my hand has never been better. Thank you!


Thank you for the recent presentation about the benefits of Kefir. I owe even greater thanks for supplying a starter amount of grains. I knew immediately after my first sip that it had a very satisfying quality about it. What I realized, upon reflection, was that I no longer experienced a ‘sleepy’ feeling around 2 in the afternoons and, I have been sleeping through the night almost entirely without interruption in the time I have been drinking Kefir.


Kelly is knowledgeable in his profession, has integrity and a wonderful, gentle manner with patients. He cured me of sciatica and it has not returned.


Thank you for sharing your knowledge about eating healthy and for introducing Kefir into my life. I have been feeling great ever since!


I strained my back and was experiencing horrible pain. Less than 24 hours after visiting Dr. Baltuska I felt remarkably better. I have been to many chiropractors and Dr. Baltuska is by far the best!


I never thought I would be happy about my nose running, but I am! No headache since your adjustment and I can actually breathe.


I got a spinal adjustment from the very capable Dr. Kelly Baltuska this evening. I suggest his services to you.

Joel M.

Dr. Baltuska is very knowledgeable in his trade and came highly recommended to me as a licensed chiropractor. I came to him on an emergency visit after “throwing my back out” shoveling away our last winter storm. Thank goodness for his work, because he had me out the door feeling better than ever. No joke, I haven’t felt this much free range of motion in my back and neck for as long as I can remember. We also talked about other health remedies. Great doctor to have as your go-to guy!

Joel S.

Until recently, I had never visited a Doctor of Chiropractic. However, after shoveling some very heavy snow and helping my daughter move, my back seized up to where I could hardly walk. Knowing Dr. Baltuska was a recent graduate, I decided to give it a shot and needed help fast. I am amazed at the results and most importantly the knowledge of Dr. Baltuska and keeping me informed all along the way. I am very glad I made the choice and after several treatments am back to doing my normal routine of exercise and feel no pain. Highly recommend Dr. Baltuska. He is very knowledgeable and will keep you informed along the way.


My wife and I have visited Dr. Baltuska for chiropractic services for a couple of years now, and I would recommend him to anybody. He is excellent at his job, easy to talk to and takes the time to help you understand your treatment plan.


I have had great results from my visits to Dr. Baltuska’s office. He has a solid knowledge of his craft and is very effective in establishing a personalized treatment plan. He’s very easy to talk too; I highly recommend him for anyone seeking chiropractic services.


I’ve been going to Dr. Baltuska for almost a year and I recommend everyone to his practice. He’s incredibly personable, passionate about his work, and he offers much more than just adjustments!


I had a major headache that prevented me from being efficient at work. I ended up calling in sick and going for a very rough massage to try to get rid of it. Five days later I started looking for a chiropractor and picked Dr. B based off his reviews. I’m happy to say it was an INSTANT relief and I haven’t had a headache since. Two months strong! To top it off, he is very friendly, happy to see me and explains things in a way I understand. 5 stars all the way!


I have only been 4 times so far but I can already feel the changes in my body and in my mind. Other than feeling better physically overall, what I most like about Dr. Baltuska’s adjustments is the feeling of sudden free flow of energy in my whole body. I would walk in frustrated from a long day but right after the adjustment, I feel more peaceful and calm. I wouldn’t have thought that small simply little adjustments in my body can make such a big difference. It feels very similar to what I experience after a yoga class or a long meditation session. Definitely give it a try and experience it yourself!


While moving, I hurt my back. For nearly a month, I kept saying to myself, “give it time, it will get better.” Finally, I went to see Dr. Kelly Baltuska for help. I had never been to a chiropractor before and wasn’t sure what to expect. He walked me through everything, including how my spine works and stretches I could do to aide the recovery. In just two appointments (on back to back days) I was already so much better! I could move, get out of bed, climb stairs and return to most of my normal activities. I highly recommend Dr. Baltuska!


I had never been to a chiropractor before visiting Dr. B and, not to be over-dramatic, but it changed my life. I never knew how good my body could feel until I started getting regular adjustments. I’ve found relief from the headaches I was experiencing on a consistent basis and I’ve been getting the best sleep. Just yesterday I had the most satisfying adjustment to date and I arrived at my restaurant job feeling energized and positive. Dr. B’s passion for and dedication to what he does is undeniable. He goes above and beyond to educate his patients and create an understanding of how and why chiropractic care is so beneficial. I wouldn’t consider going anywhere else- highly recommend!


Always a great experience!!! He adjusted me through my whole pregnancy and helped my back so much! And now even adjusts my kids and they absolutely love him!


I have been coming to Baltuska Chiropractic for quite a few months now on a weekly basis. I’m a dog groomer so I’m really sore from work and Dr. Kelly keeps me in top condition. I love the adjustments and the extra therapies he offers. I tried acupuncture for the first time and I’ll definitely be back for that service as well. His office is very inviting. He also personalizes the care to meet your specific needs. If you want a doctor that goes the extra mile go to Dr. Baltuska.


The doctor is very thorough and explained each technique during the initial adjustment session. I was very comfortable with him and it’s obvious that he cares about the patient. The office is more like a relaxing spa. The staff is very friendly and professional.


Dr. Baltuska was my first experience with chiropractic work, and I can’t imagine ever going anywhere else. He is so knowledgeable, attentive to detail, makes sure I am comfortable with all processes during the adjustment and genuinely caters to his patients’ needs.


Dr Baltuska explained the adjustment process and talked me through the entire thing. I walked out feeling great! Will definitely be recommending him to my friends and coming back soon!


OMG Best Chiropractor ever!!! My husband was good after just 3 times going and I am finally pain free after going once a month after suffering from a year of back pain – no more pain meds either!! We tried other Chiropractors before without success… Go to Doctor B!!!!