Now offering Infrared Sauna!

Infrared Sauna

Come warm up at Baltuska Chiropractic in our new infrared sauna! Sit in 150 degree dry heat for 10 to 25 minutes and sweat until you feel like melted butter. Just $40 per session. Drink plenty of extra water and bring your own towels or use ours if you’d like. Enjoy nude, in clothing or in your bathing suit.

Some of the reported benefits include:
better sleep
weight loss & increased metabolism
relief from sore muscles
relief from joint pain & arthritis
clearer and tighter skin
improved circulation
stress and fatigue reduction
immune system support
heart health
reduce appearance of cellulite

Always ask your doctor if using an infrared sauna is safe for you before trying it. Especially if you are taking medication or if you have been diagnosed with a disease or illness.

Dr. B has been using his infrared sauna 3-5 times each week for the past 2 years. The research of health benefits via heat exposure are well documented.

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