Return Guest on “Be Fit… For Life” Radio on the Health & Wellness Channel

I had a wonderful time as a return guest on the Health & Wellness Channel of VoiceAmerica’s Internet Radio this morning. With such a huge success last year, Chad Austin has made “Be Fit… For Life” a permanent addition to this program. Here is a link to this morning’s show: LISTEN NOW!
Show topics this morning included:
  • New Years resolutions, Why has nothing changed? If you don’t Make any changes, you can’t expect to see any changes. It is time to learn how to start making solutions instead of wishes!
  • On America’s current healthcare crisis, Why has nothing changed? A proposed paradigm shift in what it means to be truly healthy.
  • Chad and I started a “Be Fit… For Life” Running Club. I shared the benefits of being a runner and gave tips on good form and posture to prevent running injuries. It is free for all to join the group and we hope to see you all soon. Here is a link to the Facebook page with more information and group workouts and race dates: BFFL Running Club Here is a link to a fun video that highlights our first group 5K and weekly Saturday morning conditioning: BFFL Highlights
  • I discussed and shared this 3 minute video demonstration of how to quickly and easily unlock your body from this seated posture. Watch me at this link: Low Back Pain from Sitting too Long Video
  • We revealed our upcoming “March Madness Fitness Challenge” that will follow along with your college basketball brackets. You don’t want to miss this program! Chad and I will showcase some of the best of what we have to offer our patients and clients as healthcare and fitness professionals. My contributions will include a summary and demonstration of the most popular energy psychology technique practiced in America today, which is the Emotional Freedom Tapping Technique or EFT. With my introduction and resources, you will be able to quickly and easily begin using EFT yourself for great health benefits for free. You simply repeatedly tap specific areas of your body (which are acupuncture meridians) with your fingertips as you focus inward with your thoughts and feelings to identify and address the emotional aspects of your health. This shapes your thoughts and utilizes the amazing power of your mind for profound results. I will also host another “How-To Kefir Demonstration” where I teach you how to easily and afford-ably add this delicious super-food with probiotic benefits into your diet. This will be the third Kefir Demo I’ve done. We have had great turnouts in the past and every week there is someone telling me about how their health has improved since consuming Kefir daily. Also, they are telling me about how they shared their Kefir Grains with friends and family and how THEIR health has also improved. A tentative date for the next Kefir demo is April 1st. More information coming soon.
Choose health,
Kelly Baltuska, DC

Low Back Pain from Sitting Too Long with Dr. Kelly Baltuska, DC

Here is a short video that explains how the human body is not meant to be in a seated posture for extended periods of time. Unlock your body from the seated posture position. The hip flexor and hamstring muscles become short and tight, while the gluteal muscles become lengthened and inhibited. This is sometimes described as “pattern overload” or “lower crossed syndrome”. By taking just 5 minutes to take a break from sitting, you can use these techniques to prevent your Neuro-Musculo-Skeletal system from adapting to this poor seated posture. Share this with your friends and family who are stuck in a seated position for way too long.

Get up and move,

Kelly Baltuska, DC