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Where health and wellness come first and everyday is a great day for an adjustment!

Life is motion,

Chiropractic Services in Lenexa KansasA brisk 30-minute walk, 5 days a week, can reduce total intra-abdominal fat, reduce the risk of developing diabetes and breast cancer, improve your cholesterol profile, lower blood pressure, increase energy and stamina, prevent weight gain and much more.

Just as your entire body and its’ organ systems can benefit from motionyour spine and central nervous system can benefit too. Chiropractic adjustments directed at restricted segments throughout the spine allow motion at the segmental level.

Left to inactivity, these small, restricted spinal segments can create many larger problems throughout the body. Some examples include: overuse injuries, sprains and strains of muscles and ligaments, degenerative disorders such as degenerative joint disease and degenerative disc disease, poor posture and poor body mechanics, decreased blood flow and decreased lymphatic flow, aches, pains, discomfort, stiffness, restricted range of motion, headaches, and much more.

If you are already excited about staying physically fit and are already reaping the benefits of a regular exercise routine, then you will quickly feel the wonderful experience of a great chiropractic adjustment and understand why and how regular treatments can keep you in great shape.

Visit your Lenexa Chiropractor at Baltuska Chiropractic today!

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